Haha, I remember this army. I was 2ic :3333

CP Ice did some great things. Don’t forget that my friends.



A large reason we lost was because I couldn’t come. Sorry I missed it, but my family decided to tell me on the day of the event that we had to watch the high school students graduate. I’ll do my best to make every event though.


Recruiting Fail


First of no one came and i sat their for 30mins after the correct time not a single person.

Second the server was EMPTY so even if players did come their would have been no one to join.

Third no one would have know what we should have wearied


Well i think this was a bad first start and i hope for the next Recruiting,war and invasion so much better then this




Our first event back as an army!


Saturday, June 8th, 2013
12pm PST
1pm MST
2pm CST
3pm EST
8pm GMT/UK
Shiver, Town


Rise of the Platinum Warriors

It’s official: I’ve decided to leave the CP Ice legacy alone, and bring back the original Platinum Warriors. I have another big announcement: I will take a leadership role for this summer and this summer alone. Somebody has to kick-start us, and who better to do it than their creator?

Nearly everything else will be the same. However, we have entered the third generation of the Platinum Warriors. This is my last summer associated with CP armies, though I will advise lightly afterwards. I am excited for this.