Operation: LTF

Hello PW. I figured this would be a post to clear many things up, and to bring on new strategies. The PW will rise. Please click read more.

I should have been taken off the ranks long ago. But Kool was nice enough to think otherwise, and all I can say to that is thank you. This army holds a lot of good history from my army past. Anyways, onto the post.

This post is titled Operation: LTF. Meaning, operation light the flame. This is to get us a new troop flow, new amounts of activeness, etc. Note that if the plan doesn’t follow it’s course I’m sorry, I’m simply purposing the idea.


Well, I will be beefing up the site like Luc did to CPGT, but nothing too major. I need to talk to Kool first. Things I do look to do…

  • Some new GFX (possibly)
  • Sidebar updates (Probably)
  • Page updates (Most likely)
  • Make the secret peanut butter rank real (YES YES)


Well first off I have new recruiting strategies. Recruiting on CP doesn’t do anything anymore really. But I think the PW still have some working recruiting phrases. So we need to have certain parts of our events when we get a lot of rogues, where we simply yell that for about 5 minutes straight, but still keeping our rogues busy.

During each party, we need to wear clothes to make us blend in and get more penguins. This party, mainly just wear the pirate bandanna found at Rockhopper’s ship.

Also, chat recruiting is difficult. That’s why we need to find SMALL ARMIES, ones in need, and convince them to merge, or get their troops to join. Maybe even become a colony, then we get some new troops, probably.

Now, to keep troops active we need to do fun stuff. Along with more than just event posts, we need posts about the army and posts giving information about battles and wars. Plus any new ideas. We also need to take inactive people off the site, and get all our owners on. Keep the troops informed, and keep them feeling like their a part of things.

I think we should start seperate squads for the army to help that too, that have jobs. Troops could really participate more in the army then they think.

New tactics could be good too. We should start holding tactic sessions, where we try to make P’s, etc. Along with cool line formations like maybe an X, or a Y. Confusing stuff that will motivate the troops to work harder for success, along with promotions. We also can work at making our emote tactics flow better.

This all wraps up my ideas for operation LTF. I need to speak to Kool for further details. Tell me if you like operation LTF as well!

~Keith PW Leader



Sorry. Out of control. Once again, I need to apologize for my absence. I was really busy at the hour of the battle. But I PROMISE I will be at the next battle. PROMISE. Kooldude, you WILL see me next battle. Okay? Okay. Oh, and, HEY GUYS!




Hello, fellow army mates. During a battle against the SWAT (it was a unknown surprise!), I gave out commands during the battle, like Puffle Bomb, Joke Bomb, etc. I thought about it and….. I think…. this should be a privilege. I was thinking at LEAST a Premier General (the rank I started with) should be able to call out commands when in battle. I was originally thinking 4ic, but that would be unfair. Kooldude, if you will, please put this idea into consideration. Thanks!



Demotion? No Thanks…..

Hey, guys. Kooldude posted a post about losing off the top 10. I am really sad about this. I wasn’t on, which will probably lead me to demotion. I really want to get onto Legends. I am also disappointed at the people who weren’t there. But that just makes me look like a snob, because I wasn’t there either. And I truly regret that. If I get demoted, I won’t be able to post, or become a legend. Kooldude, please forgive my absence. I promise to be more active. I’m not being as active as I used to be, in fact, I had such a long absence, that I was starting to become another person. I would love to be a legend, or at least a main leader, 2ic, or LIT. But that wouldn’t happen if I was demoted or fired. Kooldude, I PROMISE, you will see a TON of more stuff from me in the future. A TON. So, Kooldude, please don’t fire me, or demote me, because I wouldn’t be able to be active. Thanks.


Hello, Hello, Hello!

Hello, soldiers! Yep, you can probably see by the authors name, I am Likme Me415 (I am really P70511213 on CP, somehow I didn’t get the name). I am really excited about this, and you are going to get a LOT more from me in the future! This is my first post! I would really like to thank Kooldude for making me an author! Peace!

Battle of Tuxedo (MANDATORY)

We may become the Ghosts of CP with the following armies:

Red Warriors, Platinum Warriors, CPGT, CP Lightning, Oreos & CP Rangers

Guys, this is the most important battle of PW history. Us & RPF both know Tuxedo is important to both of us, so I decided we should have a battle for the official owner. I’m not trying to start conflict with them, we just want a clearing of Tuxedo.

Battle of Tuxedo: Platinum Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

11am PDT

12pm MDT

1pm CDT

2pm EDT

7pm GMT/UK

Tuxedo, Start at Town

No Allies

No Room Claiming

No Bots

Be here at event time:

Go Large!

The purple zone not circled in red is EDT. If you live in the purple zone not circled in red, you are EDT.

The yellow zone is CDT. If you live in the yellow zone, you are CDT.

The red zone is MDT. If you live in the red zone, you are MDT.

The white zone not circled in red is PDT. If you live in the white zone not circled in red, you are PDT.

If you live in Great Britain, you are in GMT.

Comment if coming!

Active [Count For] Owners, Changing the Lineup

Hi guys, after our last event, we need to get active, starting with owners. The owners are what the mods & members look up to. All owners should be at the events or at least comment! Every owner who doesn’t comment on this besides Keith09 & Alexandra660 will be fired.


1. Name on Ranks

2. Activeness out of 1-10, 10 being super active, 1 being inactive 

3. Are you going to be active now?

The fired owners will be replaced by new active owners that are active troops in this army or foreign armies.


Hi guys, riding the high of that battle with Snow Fighters failed. WE HAD FRICKEN 3 ON CP! I know we’ve been hacked & there were bad PST times, but some of you REFUSED TO GET ON! This was our chance for redemption, and we blew it. After getting 15 on CP twice, we blew it. Kiss the CPAC Top Ten goodbye. We didn’t even last a good 10 minutes! Demotions will be given out.


Hi PW,its flyers43 and I am just taking a break i’m trying to beome a legend and i must retire from small armies so I am JUST taking a break from PW so don’t demote me please and i will miss you all.if you need me I will be on xat.com/elitesclubpenguin or xat.com/suntroopersofcp if you guys really need me i will help.So bye PW i wont be gone for long just until I get mid owner in CPST and low owner in elites which wont take long its just im in a to much armies and im doing this strictly to become legend not becuase i dont like PW becuase i do so once i get owner in CPST and Elites i will be back.~flyers43 signing out