Hey, guys.

Yes. It’s Likme. If you thought I was gone forever, nope. I’m still here, just not as active as I usually am. Here’s a load of reasons why:


1. School- School kept me out of focus because of HUGE AMOUNTS of homework, projects, studying, and more. Everybody hates homework, right? Everybody hates homework like going to the dentist.

2. Visiting- A week or 2 ago I found out my grandmother had cancer. She had surgery, but it didn’t go well. She took another surgery, even chemotherapy. She was getting better after a couple of days, but the cancer din’t leave yet. I visited her a lot, even after school when I thought we were going home.

That maybe is why I am not as active as I am lately. But I PPPPPPPPRRRRRRRROOOOOOMMMMMMIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE I will be more active.


-Likme Me415