WHEW! I am back!

Hey, guys! Im am really really really really (just imagine I say it twenty more times, because I am that sorry, but this typing is stressing my fingers) sorry that I was absent for like- two months. You may have thought “KOOLDUDE, FOR THE LAST TIME! LIKME IS GONE- HE ISN’T COMING BACK! FIRE HIM!” But thanks to Kooldude, he always believed in me that I would make a comeback. So- here I am! I promise to make more CP videos, stronger support and activeness in the army, and- on Kooldude Entertainment- I am going to make LEGO SHORTS! So guys, I would really like to say that I am SUPER SUPER sorry, and I will promise (no joking) this time to be TWICE as active as I ever was. This schedule is juggling three things, but I’m just going to have to keep up with it. I’m sure I’ll learn to juggle this along the way. So guys, do you forgive me? Please. If you are, thanks, and you are invited to my COMEBACK party! If you aren’t, then don’t expect to come. Here are the details:

Saturday, December 28th


Town (but we aren’t going to stay there for the whole party, we’ll move to the Pizza Parlor, the Gift Shop, and MANY other places!)

And, I haven’t been up to date on the catalogs, so don’t expect me to come into clothes from the catalog from November, or December. Plus, I don’t have that much coins. Just find me in a black hoodie, with a pearl necklase, agent glasses, and that brown-spiky-hair-thing. Also, my name is P70511213. So, see you at the party!