It Ends Again…

Edit: We are not dead. We are just in a rough spot.

You  didn’t show up for two of our war events and you didn’t show up for any of the recruiting. That’s 5 events. I’m sorry but it seems we are dead again. It is sad to see a great army like us just fail. We won our war against GT, but only because of myself. Kooldude and I work hard to keep this army going and look what you’ve done. Kooldude if you are reading this we need to discuss on chat rather PW is dead or alive.


Weekday Recruiting

Not impressed with what we got at our last event. So to keep that from happening, we are starting a program called weekday recruiting.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7:00 EST, 6:00 CST,  5:00 MST, 4:00 PST, 9:00 AUS, 8:00 Atlantic.

Note: UK, Hawiian, GMT-2 and many other time zones will not be able to make this which is why they aren’t listed.

I gave you 2 days off for weekday recruiting, so you should have enough time to make all of this.


I Can’t Say I’m Proud [Today]…

I’m really disappointed that nobody came, although I do understand some of your armies were invading Breeze. However, GT showed up, and I had to go through the embarrassment of having to tell GT we had to surrender because our troops weren’t there.

All of you leaders who ever have had this point of adversity (every leader will), you know it’s upsetting. I know every army will go through this, so our record as of now with our opponent GT is 1-1 (we won Ascent yesterday). What’s important is that we get over this hurdle of inexplicable failure to attend this important event, and to turn the war back on our side at Cold Snap. I really don’t want to have to call on allies to help, much less depend on them.

All I can say right now is, be at the invasion of Cold Snap.

If you can’t come, you better comment with a legit excuse.



New Leader

Hi, I’n Diddy41 the new Platinum Warriors leader. For those of you who don’t know me, (what’s wrong with you?) here’s who I am in warfare.

I started warfare in June 2011 after seeing a tweet from Pochoma123. I decided to join Ninjas where I started out as a yellow belt. After that I joined Golds, which died 2 days after I joined. After that I found CPA Central which turn me from noob to Pro-noob. I then found SMAC which I liked a lot. And CPAE which I didn’t like until later on. On the way I made my own army called Rockhopper’s Crew. We got up to 13 on CP but then went down 2. I merged the army into Pirates which I got 2ic in. I then created Tacos which only got up to 5. When I saw another army had a name Tacos I merged them and got mod. Eventually I got mod in Ninjas, DCP and many other small armies. And then I saw Platinum Warriors were back. I got 2ic after joining. When I saw there was a leader election, I was happy that I was nominated. I loved leading but it was a lot of work. I was suprised at how many votes I got, and later I got leader! So yeah I basically love armies and the only one I can thank is Pochoma123 for informing me about warfare.

For some reason I got a feeling only a quarter of you actually read this, but okay.

-Platinum Warriors Leader Diddy41


Defense of Ice Breaker

Kooldude Edit: Until I get a link to these ‘Pluto Warriors’, we will be ignoring their invasions, and their times aren’t even legit.


I’m Jackcol9 Pw 3ic, I am here to help bring Pw to the top but right now we must defend our Capital!

These so called Pluto Warriors are invaiding!


Times:4:30 EST 9:30 GMT 3:30 Central and 1:30 PST

Date:Monday,Jan. 23rd

Server:Ice breaker




Guys, I am here to tell you about what happened recently. 

For starters, a random army, “Polar Warriors” is it? Anyways, they claimed to invade Snow Day, however, for one, they did not tell the information, which is subordinate to the 24 hour rule, the next, they didn’t even show up, and they don’t even have any servers! You didn’t give us any information about the battle, and really? You really want to mess with us? It’s time to take action. We will start by stealing their capital, and you better really prepare; now that you’ve declared war on us, we are gonna take 1st blood & long live the Platinum Warriors.

We will invade as soon as they actually have servers.