To Whomever

EDIT: Great news! Drac, an ex-CPU leader, has rejoined.  

Hai dere, CPU!

I’d just like to tell to RPF, or any army at that matter, to leave CPU alone for a while.  We are in the process of rebuilding this great empire into a small army force.  I respect the fact that you, RPF, are trying to rebuild your own nation.  Even though we don’t own Slushy, it confuses me on your reasoning to invade us.  Firstly you wanted a practice battle and now you’re ‘invading.’  Funny how things work; nonetheless you said it was friendly.  Either way I’m just here to tell you that we don’t own Slushy.  Have fun with your new server!

In other news seeing as this is probably like the fifth or so generation of CPU, we’ll be gathering up old CPU members.  The more people we have of the other generations the more understanding we’ll have and the greater we’ll become.  This may take some time seeing as some of the CPU oldies are mostly all retired, but I’m sure they’d come back for another shot.  I will be listing people and we’ll all need to try to find them.  I’ll be quite honest when I say they’re probably most spotted at ACP chat.

  • Thebester5
  • Jackie202 aka Jace
  • Twingy
  • Speeder
  • Ollie
  • Jojordan 12 (I can work on Jojo myself.)
  • Ekpenguin9
  • Paddy

That is probably all of them.  If I crossed off their name that means they are frank on joining.  Either way still bug them about rejoining.  It may seem a little mean but it’s the way we get things done.  If you guys got me to rejoin I see no reason for the others joining.  CPU forever teehee!~

Ayame Sohma:  Even if the entire world goes against you, I will forever be on your side!

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♥ CPU Creator

IAL Week #3

CP Union (1-0-0) vs. Fort Ghost Recon (1-1-0)

11am PST, 12pm MST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST, 7pm BST

Saturday, June 2

Ice Palace, Town



hey guys it me alexandra 660

i have not been on  for a long time and am back in the game and we will win more and have more members and i promise i will be better then before and have more ideas and we will be big agin 

form alexandra660

p.s we need a day to get more people 

Great Job for our First Event

We did great, and upset the no-show Fire Invaders. We have proved our greatness. Amazing job. We maxed 4 and had a low of 3.

We sure showed the world who we are now. Let’s do even better next time!

Leader for now, and for many events to come,



New Join Form

We have worked with our basic coding abilities to totally remodel our join page! Look at the form here and on the join page:

Now we just need a new chat room. I’ll be on it soon.

International Army League/Active Count

Hey guys, we are in the new CPSMAC tourney, and I expect us to have a record of 2-2 or better in the regular season. Week 1 is a bye week so no scheduled battles yet!


In order to see how many are here, we’ll have an active count:

1. Name on ranks:

2. Rank:

3. Activeness:

CP Union is Back

The old, gold (technically blue) Club Penguin Union is back! After a high reign a few years ago, and an unsightly fall, we are FINALLY back! There will be an active count soon, and make sure to join on the join page!