Total Pwnage.

Well, today we took the Night Diver nation by storm. We took back what was hours and practically killed them! Tot was being an idiot about it and constantly claimed they won, but they finally admitted it.























Great job guys!



Site Change Soon?

Well guys, there is a new site we might have that has free CSS and we will probably move there. It will be a few days, a week or maybe two. I don’t know. Just pay attention to the site.


[In addition to the war post, CP Chaos has not posted these invasions, so it seems the alliance has ended.]

The Club Penguin Ice and the Club Penguin Chaos have formed the Purple Ice Alliance and declare war on the Club Penguin Night Divers for the following reasons:

  • War boosts troop morale. It gets us going.
  • CP Night Divers are 4th in the SMAC Small Top Ten. Time for us to get recognized.
  • After winning Round 1 of the Legends Cup III, we still need more experience in order to complete the tall order of defeating SWAT.
  • They claim to own two of our servers, Ice Shelf and Alaska.

We are invading servers soon. Make sure to patrol your capital (Ice Shelf) and keep an eye out on these guys.

Invasion of Misty

Friday, August 3rd, 2012
1pm PST
2pm MST
3pm CST
4pm EST
9pm BST [Somewhat excused]
Misty, Town


Hey guys, I’ve been in a great mood since our victory, and have decided to create our own playlist! Check it out on our chat. Also, we will be having a recruiting day each week until summer ends in which we will change the time of the recruiting. For now though, we will take a poll.


We will be holding a recruiting contest. WHOEVER GETS THE MOST RECRUITS WILL GET A:

Promo if Owner

Double promo if Mod

Triple promo if Member

Good luck!

Smoking Bath Salts to Victory/Playlist

Hey guys, in the Legends Cup 3, we recently battled XGW… Well, we beasted on them. Good job to XGW, and better luck next time, but we finally reached victory we so desperately needed. We maxed 6 and averaged 5 at battle time. Here are the pictures!

At first, I thought the battle was at 3pm EST, and I felt so dumb afterwards.





Alright guys, I made a promise that if we beat XGW, our troops would get to choose 5 songs that will go into our new playlist. So comment the 5 songs you want in our chat playlist!

Creator/Leader of CP Ice,


The Truth

Alright guys, it’s time you learn the truth of the biggest hypocrites in CP Armies. That’s right–the Army of Club Penguin. They are a dastardly army that thinks it owns CP Armies. They think armies are under their control. Don’t believe me? Continue reading and find the truth that will shock you. Continue reading

Legends Cup III [MUST COME] — Our Future

Only Alexandra is excused.

This may become our last event, especially if nobody shows. I am sick and tired of calling everyone to chat to see that everyone’s either afk or “has” to go. I am done playing games. We either do well at this event, or I am DONE. I don’t know who the hell XGW is so I presume they’ll be a one man army or a no-show. For the love of God, just please come to this event. Alexandra, I understand if you can’t, but there is no exception for anyone else. This event will decide our future.

CP Ice vs XGW

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Klondike, Mine

1pm PST, 2pm MST, 3pm CST, 4pm EST, 9pm UK


Looking Forward

When an army is created, there are many decisions to be made, at lot of them are about servers, government, and pretty much anything about the army. Well, I will be talking about some of those things in this post.


Servers, are one of the most important things in Club Penguin armies, they are the nation of the army. So here’s the question, do we want a lot of servers, or do we want only a few servers that are made into bases that will give us recruits for years to come?

Pros of having many servers: If we have many servers, it will be hard to completely invade our whole nation, which in turn will make it harder for an enemy army to completely destroy us.

Cons of having many servers: If we do have many servers, we may become a target of larger armies, which in turn will cause them to declare war and invade us.

Pros of having little servers: If we do decide to have only a few server it will make us less of a target to larger armies, and the few servers we have will become filled with our influence.

Cons of having little servers: If we do have only a few servers, it will be easy to completely take our nation.

Do you want lots of servers, or only a few?



Government in Club Penguin armies is not always very important, but it can get you out of tight situations at times, here are some forms of government I recommend for the Snow troops;

Oligarchy – An Oligarchy is when a small group of people make the decisions (owner ranks)This is what most armies are.

Dictatorship – One leader is in complete control, not used as much these days, but still used in armies like ACP.

Stratocracy – When the military controls the government, so essentially there is no government.

Aristocracy – A select few people from the army make the decisions, not always the owner ranks.

What kind of government do you want? (Note: you can say “None”)



Recruiting is one of the least fun thing to do in Club Penguin armies, here’s some tips on recruiting.

Chat Recruiting: 

  1. Act as if we are fun and cool (which we are).
  2. Always give them the link, even if they don’t want to join, they could change their minds.
  3. Ask many people.

Club Penguin Recruiting:

  1. Bring people with you, the more people you have the more fun you look.
  2. Use a back up account, so your main one does not get banned.
  3. Say many different phrases, some you say might not make it through the filter.




Some things about chat:

  1. Try to be on whenever you are on xat, it will make us look big, and we can have unscheduled events.
  2. Don’t be inappropriate all the time.
  3. Be nice to new recruits, we want them to stay, not leave because we’re being mean.


In conclusion, this was a long and probably boring post, but still try to answer the two questions in the comments.