ok thats it

we are going to start agin i nerves wanted this army to go i wished i nerve whet i think we should start agin new name new servers new times new allays new ennies.

i will help as much as i can i will not forget not agin kooldude plz put this clan back i will help u am sorry i left u .

the reason i stopped was that i have a problem that makes me forget thing and soooo what what happened :/

but now i have a phone and i put everything i have to do on it so lets start agin

what do u think koodude?

Get active people

Guys we’ve been falling. So this is what I want to see:

1. At least 12 on club penguin

2. At least 15 on xat

3. At least 5 on xat regularly

4. At least one recruit per week

5. And you you must attend at least 3 events every month.

If we do this, this will be the results:











So get active.


Sorry About Inactivity

Hey, it’s Kool again. I’d just like to apologize for not posting as much. I’ve been in a play (opening night was tonight), and I have five more shows to do. I’ll be back and fully recharged soon.

Introducing Promotion System

Hello, I’m not tolerating promotion begging any more. To earn a promotion, you must have 100 cubes. How do you earn these cubes? Simple.

Commenting – 1 Cube
 Raids – 3 Cubes
Practice Battles (PB) – 5 Cubes
War Battles – 10 Cubes
Tournament’s – 13 Cubes
Defenses – 15 Cubes
Missing an event without commenting – -2 Cubes
 Missing 2 consecutive events – -5 Cubes

100 Cubes = Promotion.
-10 Cubes = Demotion.
*To get promoted to leader, you must be a 2ic and have 500 unspent cubes.

Operation Accumulate/War

Edit: The Shadow Ninjas invasions do not count, they didn’t notify us, and they don’t have any servers.

Hello troops, Operation Accumulate is into effect. We do not have a lot of land. We need to fix that. The Ninja Freedom Force claim to have a buttload of servers, so we’ll invade them. We will back down if:

  • They give us three servers.
  • They become a CP Ice colony.

ANY servers that are 4+ bars will be battled on Klondike.



Saturday, September 8th, 2012
12pm PST
1pm MST
2pm CST
3pm EST
8pm GMT/UK