Kool’s retirement

It is time for the sun to set on my days in Club Penguin Armies. Honestly, I don’t know why I stayed this long. I continually asked myself at the end of the day, “did I have fun in armies?” Lately, I’ve been saying no a lot to that question. Most of you probably don’t have fond memories of me, but I really don’t care. There’s no point in pleasing someone over the Internet (unless it’s porn).

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Please Come Back

Come on guys. This is  cp ice. We had legendary moments. We beat SWAT. We beat Pirates. We beat Night Warriors. We almost beat Ice warriors. We made CPAC top 15……TWICE. We are a legendary army.  We must return. Everybody forgot us so we must come back and show them who we are. Once I get Kool’s permission then we’ll rise back to major.