Replying to Tuner’s comment

I’m speechless,hopeless, and lots of other words that is….terrible. I will give a speech anyway(mini):

I, Tuner777, joined CPI in the August of 2012. It’s been the best army I ever joined, and i’ve joined A LOT of armies. We’re like family here, epicorange,cade,kool,alexandra, and a lot of other people were really nice. But in September something happened, I lost my connection to CP, and stopped playing all together, i really regret that. But now seeing us merge, I feel like this is all my fault, i should’ve stayed loyal to CPI. I take the blame of this.

I’m sorry,

That was the comment of one of our old troops, tuner. This really was a great army. Probably in my top 3 armies. We were like a family. Kool, Hawk, Tes, Chillie, Cade, Bep, Doiz, Jed, Talex, Keith, Gator, Halo, Blooy, wewe, you, and I. We were all so active. It isn’t really all your fault. Only 1% i you fault. Everybody is to blame. We were so good, but kool decided to merge us after we were becoming inactive. We were so good. If only we would come back.