Better, Faster, Stronger

 Does anyone besides the CP Ice troops remember this army going to major? Does anyone remember us beating SWAT? Does anyone remember our war with the Pirates? That’s what I want to know. Well, I do remember that, at least because I was a CP Ice 2ic. We aren’t done yet. We have lots to accomplish.

CP Ice 2G. We’ll come back better, faster, and stronger.


By the way, I give Kanye West credits to this title.

Active Count

Today, we will see how we stand in terms of troops. This will decide whether we need mass recruiting or not. Just simply comment with your name and rank as follows:

1. Username

2. Rank

The Return

Guys, I feel as if I let you down as Leader. I had left and crippled us in the middle of our rise. Seeing so many loyal troops remaining, I soon sourly grew to regret it. It shall be known I love my troops. I officially announce the return of CP Ice in June 2013, quite possibly earlier. Before then, we have major reconstruction to do before we return.

However, I have now announced an official return of Club Penguin Ice, and it is set in stone I will come back as leader. We have done too much to die this regrettably. CP Ice 2nd Generation is coming.

You’re leader once again,

Kooldude 247