The Return Is Coming

I think that we rushed things last time. I will not be leading completely, but I will advise events. I am officially announcing our return. We have so many loyal troops who want us continue, so why not?

We are coming back on June 8th.

Please comment on this post so I know that you’re active.

Active Count

I haven’t been aware lately, but I’m curious how active we are. I’m sure this will help us know who’s active and who’s not. And who may be in risk of demotion, since this is so important.

1. CP Name?/Xat ID

2. How active have you been in CPI on a 1-10 scale

3. Will you try to stay more active?

Just a little check. We have a mandatory battle against DW tomorrow. COMMENT!

Active Count

Today, we will see how we stand in terms of troops. This will decide whether we need mass recruiting or not. Just simply comment with your name and rank as follows:

1. Username

2. Rank