A large reason we lost was because I couldn’t come. Sorry I missed it, but my family decided to tell me on the day of the event that we had to watch the high school students graduate. I’ll do my best to make every event though.


Rise of the Platinum Warriors

It’s official: I’ve decided to leave the CP Ice legacy alone, and bring back the original Platinum Warriors. I have another big announcement: I will take a leadership role for this summer and this summer alone. Somebody has to kick-start us, and who better to do it than their creator?

Nearly everything else will be the same. However, we have entered the third generation of the Platinum Warriors. This is my last summer associated with CP armies, though I will advise lightly afterwards. I am excited for this.


The Return Is Coming

I think that we rushed things last time. I will not be leading completely, but I will advise events. I am officially announcing our return. We have so many loyal troops who want us continue, so why not?

We are coming back on June 8th.

Please comment on this post so I know that you’re active.

A Break

Hello troops, I must go on a short break from the army. It will end in two weeks. Until then, Orange and Proditor are in charge.


2nd Website Anniversary

While CP Ice isn’t one year old yet, this website is two today. It was originally made as a Platinum Warriors back-up site, and it turned into much more. Happy birthday, CP Ice home base.


Covenant of the Club Penguin Ice

It can be found on the Nation’s page as well as here:

Covenant of the Club Penguin Ice:

Article I: Overthrowing a Leader

A leader is chosen by his or her successor. If over 1/2 of the army disapproves of this successor to attain said leadership role, the choice is vetoed, and the leader nominee is bumped to the Second in Command rank until he or she is up for voting as a leader again. This process will continue until said person is allowed by the troops to become leader.

Article II: Amending the Covenant

Amendments are made only when 2/3 of the moderator and owner ranks and above agree on a new amendment to the Covenant of the Union. If it is less than 2/3, then the amendment is rejected, thus forcing change in the amendment before it is sent again to the moderator and owner ranks for voting.

Article III: Law Security

No leader rank shall remove any law without going through the process stated in Article II.

Article IV: Alliance Loyalty

Club Penguin Ice will not invade any ally stated in the A/N/E Page without being provoked by invasions or slander. If they are an ally, then we shall by no means turn on them without a reason.

Article V: Enemy Clause

No enemy shall spy on our chat without receiving a ban for as long as the war lasts. An enemy is defined as a member of an army at war with us, a potential hacker, or a constant traitor to the army.

Recovery Phase I: Recruiting

Hello fellow CP Ice, today we will briefly discuss our current situation. Before any invasions even begin, we need to recruit. I am setting the bar high for this generation, and I expect us to return to the Top 15. Before this, we must recruit. Start recruiting, the comeback is near.

Your leader,