Haha, I remember this army. I was 2ic :3333

CP Ice did some great things. Don’t forget that my friends.


Recruiting Fail


First of no one came and i sat their for 30mins after the correct time not a single person.

Second the server was EMPTY so even if players did come their would have been no one to join.

Third no one would have know what we should have wearied


Well i think this was a bad first start and i hope for the next Recruiting,war and invasion so much better then this



We’ll be on Hold

Greetings, Friends.

Unfortunately, Kooldude247, our leader, has simply become busy with more important tasks, and we really haven’t gotten a chance to build up our army strength and momentum. I’ve talked to him tonight, and we both have decided that we are all a little too busy to remake CPI just yet. So, we are going to put CPI on an  indefinite, but not permanent, state of dormancy. We do indeed hold the Ice passion in our hearts, and in a few months, expect us to be back and ready to decide on whether it is indeed time to get back in action. We’ll see you soon, and thank you for your support, loyal comrades of the CP Ice!

|||Sir Proditor|||Onward|||

The End?

I’ve been thinking, and I don’t have time for armies right now. I’m becoming an adviser for now and maybe for the rest of my time. It’s now up to Orange and Darth if they want to end it or work hard.


Hello, Brothers.

Kooldude has recently decided to take a short break from leading the Ice Army, and he has granted authority to Captain Orange and myself. During this time, I will analyze the situation of this army, see where we need improvement, confer with my follow comrades, and begin actions to improve the army. I also apologize for my inactivity up to know. We may be inactive at the moment, but we will come back soon, and we will achieve what we consider success; good sizes, morale, motivation, and above all, having fun.

|||Sir Proditor|||The Golden Dawn Lies Ahead|||



Better, Faster, Stronger

 Does anyone besides the CP Ice troops remember this army going to major? Does anyone remember us beating SWAT? Does anyone remember our war with the Pirates? That’s what I want to know. Well, I do remember that, at least because I was a CP Ice 2ic. We aren’t done yet. We have lots to accomplish.

CP Ice 2G. We’ll come back better, faster, and stronger.


By the way, I give Kanye West credits to this title.

Replying to Tuner’s comment

I’m speechless,hopeless, and lots of other words that is….terrible. I will give a speech anyway(mini):

I, Tuner777, joined CPI in the August of 2012. It’s been the best army I ever joined, and i’ve joined A LOT of armies. We’re like family here, epicorange,cade,kool,alexandra, and a lot of other people were really nice. But in September something happened, I lost my connection to CP, and stopped playing all together, i really regret that. But now seeing us merge, I feel like this is all my fault, i should’ve stayed loyal to CPI. I take the blame of this.

I’m sorry,

That was the comment of one of our old troops, tuner. This really was a great army. Probably in my top 3 armies. We were like a family. Kool, Hawk, Tes, Chillie, Cade, Bep, Doiz, Jed, Talex, Keith, Gator, Halo, Blooy, wewe, you, and I. We were all so active. It isn’t really all your fault. Only 1% i you fault. Everybody is to blame. We were so good, but kool decided to merge us after we were becoming inactive. We were so good. If only we would come back.




Kool’s retirement

It is time for the sun to set on my days in Club Penguin Armies. Honestly, I don’t know why I stayed this long. I continually asked myself at the end of the day, “did I have fun in armies?” Lately, I’ve been saying no a lot to that question. Most of you probably don’t have fond memories of me, but I really don’t care. There’s no point in pleasing someone over the Internet (unless it’s porn).

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