Declaration of War on the Global Defenders


Hello troops,

Today we arose from the dead. We are an army again, and we are hungry for land. On the eighteenth day of February, we officially declare war on the Global Defenders. Global Defenders, please do not take this offensively. We like you as much as any other army, but we need to have war. This is more of a “fun war,” if you will. Rather being fueled by hatred, it’s for the sport of fighting. With that said, we also need land desperately. Two servers for us will not cut it. We need to expand our empire, and what better a way to do it than war? Global Defenders, old friends, don’t hold back; because we won’t either! We only plan on taking only 2 servers to get us to 4, and then moving on.

Invasion of Iceland

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013
11am PST
12pm MST
1pm CST
2pm EST
7pm GMT (UK)
Iceland, Dojo

Invasion of Rainbow

Sunday, February 24th, 2013
12pm PST
1pm MST
2pm CST
3pm EST
8pm GMT (UK)
Rainbow, Dojo




Operation Accumulate/War

Edit: The Shadow Ninjas invasions do not count, they didn’t notify us, and they don’t have any servers.

Hello troops, Operation Accumulate is into effect. We do not have a lot of land. We need to fix that. The Ninja Freedom Force claim to have a buttload of servers, so we’ll invade them. We will back down if:

  • They give us three servers.
  • They become a CP Ice colony.

ANY servers that are 4+ bars will be battled on Klondike.



Saturday, September 8th, 2012
12pm PST
1pm MST
2pm CST
3pm EST
8pm GMT/UK


Failure to Admit Defeat

Dear CP Ice, it seems the ignorant Pirates are at it again. They not only failed to beat us in most any part of the battle and failed to outsize us on Belly Slide, but they fail to admit defeat [same with the now ignorant Night Warriors]! That’s sad Pirates. We know how to admit defeat, but can you?

The war is now 1 win for CP Ice1 win for the Pirates, and nothing for the Night Warriors.

Note: Town was pre-battle