This is a page for extraordinary people in our PW generation, CPU generation, and/or Snow Troops era who have changed us for the better.

PW Era Legends

Kooldude247: Without him, the new era of CPU and Platinum Warriors would not have existed. He led PW to great sizes, and is the reason they rose so high.

Keith09: Kooldude247’s partner in crime, he rose the ranks quickly, and the first to rise from the bottom to the top. He is the reason Kooldude has stayed in armies this long.

Alexandra660: The first female leader in our history, and she definitely earned it. She is the reason that this army stayed for so long. She never wanted the flame to go out.

Likme: An excellent soldier that often went on breaks, but he often helped keep PW alive. He retired from us on May 30th, 2012.

CPU Era Legends

Mchappy2/Icey Cold27Mchappy2 was the original creator of the CPU. He lead it for the longest term, roughly 6 months, until he eventually retired. He was the CPU’s first, and one of the very best, CPU soldiers ever. He recruited everyone to this army, and will be rememberd. His best rank was leader & creator.

Omega90Omega 90 was the second leader of the CPU, after Mchappy. Brother of Chase50, he was one of the best soldiers ever. His best achievement was that of taking oer the CPU when it seemed to be going nowhere. A well remembered CPU legend.  His best rank was leader.

Nina aka Icebaer10: Nina was the 3rd leader of the CPU, and as the leader with Omega. She was also the first female leader of the CPU… I think she was one of the first girls in the CPU like ever xD! She was very loyal and is currently a co-leader. Her best rank was leader – Snow Cone Governor

Twingy: Twingy is one of the most loyal and active soldiers the CPU ever had. He makes kinda every battle and is now Leader. He is one of the first members CPU ever had, and is truly a legend of this army. His best rank was Leader

Speeder 109: It was Speeder’s idea to first turn the original ACP helper-division-site into an army! We had been slowly moving around, become divisions of 2 or 3 armies, and then we became a proper army, and we thrived. We have Speeder to thank for this whole idea! His best rank was co-leader.

Chase50Chase was un-arguably the most loyal, active, and devoted soldier to the CPU ever. He became 3ic, and then 2ic, and stayed in that position for a long time. He is definetly a CPU legend. His best rank was leader.

OhlieOhlie is the first in CPU to get the Medal of Honor! He got it for being very Active and for helping CPU win the first ever Club Penguin Olympics. We know he will be here for a long time. He will always be a Legend. His best rank was Leader.

Other Notable CPU Soldiers:

  • Jojordan12 – Achieved Rank of 3ic – Chief Advisor
  • Bluenev1 – Achieved Rank of 2ic.
  • Icecube92237 – Achieved rank of 3ic.
  • Pip113 – Achieved rank of 3ic.
  • Itunesgeek1 – Achieved Rank of General
  • Maxi 96203 – Achieved Rank of 3ic.
  • Ekpenguin9 – Achieved rank of 2ic – Creator of Green Division – Ice Palace Governor
  • Cooldude Joe – Achieved rank of 3ic.
  • Elnino99 – Achieved Rank of 3ic.
  • King Fever – Achieved the rank of 3ic and Chief Technician.
  • Wiggie Nn – Achieved the rank of Divison General

Medal of Honour

  • Mchappy, Twingy

Ice Era

Kooldude247 — Kooldude247 created this army and led it to the 13th largest army. He has worked very hard to bring together the troops here and led them to defeats against SWAT and the Pirates. He brought them to where they are now.

Leader list:

* – Current

  • Kooldude247 — Creator and 1st Leader*
  • Talex831 — 2nd Leader: Stepped Down
  • Keith09 — 2nd Leader: Retired
  • Teal Violin — 3rd Leader: Retired
  • Captain Orange — 4th Leader*
  • Sir Proditor — 4th Leader*

7 comments on “Legends

  1. u should add legoman he was one of your bff at the time of pw i miss pw we should bring them back for one last time

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