The Return Is Coming

I think that we rushed things last time. I will not be leading completely, but I will advise events. I am officially announcing our return. We have so many loyal troops who want us continue, so why not?

We are coming back on June 8th.

Please comment on this post so I know that you’re active.

We’ll be on Hold

Greetings, Friends.

Unfortunately, Kooldude247, our leader, has simply become busy with more important tasks, and we really haven’t gotten a chance to build up our army strength and momentum. I’ve talked to him tonight, and we both have decided that we are all a little too busy to remake CPI just yet. So, we are going to put CPI on an  indefinite, but not permanent, state of dormancy. We do indeed hold the Ice passion in our hearts, and in a few months, expect us to be back and ready to decide on whether it is indeed time to get back in action. We’ll see you soon, and thank you for your support, loyal comrades of the CP Ice!

|||Sir Proditor|||Onward|||

The End?

I’ve been thinking, and I don’t have time for armies right now. I’m becoming an adviser for now and maybe for the rest of my time. It’s now up to Orange and Darth if they want to end it or work hard.


Hello, Brothers.

Kooldude has recently decided to take a short break from leading the Ice Army, and he has granted authority to Captain Orange and myself. During this time, I will analyze the situation of this army, see where we need improvement, confer with my follow comrades, and begin actions to improve the army. I also apologize for my inactivity up to know. We may be inactive at the moment, but we will come back soon, and we will achieve what we consider success; good sizes, morale, motivation, and above all, having fun.

|||Sir Proditor|||The Golden Dawn Lies Ahead|||



A Break

Hello troops, I must go on a short break from the army. It will end in two weeks. Until then, Orange and Proditor are in charge.


2nd Website Anniversary

While CP Ice isn’t one year old yet, this website is two today. It was originally made as a Platinum Warriors back-up site, and it turned into much more. Happy birthday, CP Ice home base.


Active Count

I haven’t been aware lately, but I’m curious how active we are. I’m sure this will help us know who’s active and who’s not. And who may be in risk of demotion, since this is so important.

1. CP Name?/Xat ID

2. How active have you been in CPI on a 1-10 scale

3. Will you try to stay more active?

Just a little check. We have a mandatory battle against DW tomorrow. COMMENT!