Shards are a promotion system in PW that refresh monthly. If you reach 100 shards before the month ends, you get a promotion if you’re a member; 125 shards before the month ends for moderators. Promotion from 2ic only occurs when a leader chooses them to be promoted, most likely when the leader retires. However, embers are negative shards. Embers burn shards you gain, so try not to get them! If you have 50 embers, you get a demotion. However, shards can make up for embers (i.e., you received 4 embers, but you also received 2 shards, you would only have 2 embers).

Attending Miscellaneous Events — 10 Shards

Attending Unscheduled Events — 10 Shards

Attending Invasions — 15 Shards

Attending Defenses — 20 Shards

Recruiting 5 troops — 25 Shards

Recruiting 10 troops — 50 Shards

Missing One Invasion* — 2 Embers

Missing 2 Invasions Consecutively* — 10 Embers

Missing One Defense— 3 Embers

Missing 2 Defenses Consecutively* — 15 Embers

Missing Miscellaneous Events* — 2 Embers

Missing Obligatory Events* — 20 Embers 

* = Only received if you didn’t provide a valid excuse.

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